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Home FAQ’s

What is your location and which areas does your service span?

Our services span across all parts of Perth, With over 30 years of experience under our belt, we have continued to provide premium quality cleaning services, from the northern suburbs to Mandurah.

How much does a standard kitchen renovation cost?

There is no laid down cost for kitchen renovations. This is because our designs are tailored to suit each client’s needs and this means the costs would not be the same. Also, the fittings and kitchen installations and other additional demands required, go a long way to affect the cost of a renovation.

At Kitchen Transformation, WA, however; we pride ourselves on our ability to provide each client with great designs that do not only suits their lifestyle and but also falls within their budget.

I think I want a new kitchen, what steps do I take?

If you need a new kitchen design, call us the right way, so you can speak with an expert about your ideas for your kitchen remodeling and what your needs are. Enquire about layouts and design features available as well as how to solve your on-site needs.

After briefing and consultation, we come up with a design and implement it. We are always available to help you through all the processes involved in the designing and installation of your new/refurbished kitchen.

How long does the renovation process take and how soon can I start using my new kitchen?

As soon as we reach an agreement about the design, style, and layout; we begin the renovation process, and we require about 4weeks for the building process, including demolishing the old kitchen and installing a new one. Within this time, cabinets are built, and benchtops are cut for installation.

Would like to get more information about kitchen renovation?

You can call us at (08) 6107 6152 for all your inquiries concerning our services and to get a quotation. We have an array of experts you can talk to about kitchen designs, a solution to your kitchen remodeling related problems and advice, in general. We would be glad to hear from you.

Do I need to make any special arrangements before my kitchen renovation?

Remodeling and Renovating a kitchen no doubt can disrupt the daily lives of clients if not properly handled. With a good project manager like ours, you need no special preparation. Just clear out your kitchen and ready your mind towards giving the kitchen a few weeks to be fully ready before moving your fridge, furniture, and other kitchen equipment.